Engineering & Product Development

PRYER's Engineering team provides innovative solutions to the complex design challenges of today’s aerospace industry. Our engineering capabilities, advanced production technology and extensive manufacturing experience enable us to take on the most ambitious projects.



Our engineering team has more than 50 years of experience with the following:

·         Concept Development

·         Design & Analysis

·         Composite Design & Analysis

·         Material Selection & Analysis

·         Part & Component Standardization

·         Ease of Manufacture

·         Multi-Functional Components

·         Engineer-to-Engineer Collaboration

·         Program / Project Management


Reverse Engineering & Rapid Prototyping


PRYER Engineering can take your structures, assemblies and components and deliver new engineering data including:

·         3D models

·         Completed BOM & Drawings

·         Material, Process & Manufacturing Specs.


Tool, Die & Fixture Design & Build


PRYER Engineering has more than 100 years of combined experience in Tool, Die & Fixture design. We specialize in the following:

·         Floor Mounted Assembly Fixtures

·         Jigged Assembly Fixtures

·         CNC Machining Fixtures

·         Welded Assembly Fixtures

·         Form, Stretch, Blanking & Progressive Dies

·         Composite Layup and Bond Tooling

·         Resin Transfer Mold (RTM), Vacuum Assisted RTM

·         Flat Pattern Development

Design & Build


Pryer Technology Group is the OEM of Triform Sheet Hydroforming Presses. Based on the same concept as the hydroforming machines of the past, Triform presses use high-pressure hydraulic fluid in a flexible rubber bladder or diaphragm to shape sheet metal against a single tool. The process can create a wide range of geometric shapes, either shallow or deep drawn, from most metals, even high-strength stainless steels.